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Canny Collar stories

Want to tell us your Canny story? Please contact us and don't forget to send us an image! We'd also love you to review us on Google by clicking this link.


Natalie Lark & Tata, Golden Beach, Queensland

Canny Collar reviews - Tata

"I wanted to say thank you for this miracle collar I found at the Caloundra markets. The owner of the pet stall saw me struggling to control my rescue English Staffy x Kelpie & he showed me your product.

He slipped it on & instantly I was in control of my excited puppy. We've been using it for over a year now & just purchased a new one, that's right a Staffy made a collar last a whole year!

Walking with the Canny Collar gives me full control especially when she sees other dogs as she gets very excited. With a harness or other collars she pulls & bites the lead. I recommend your product to every dog owner I know & meet. People are always curious about the collar & ask me about it.

Thank you for your amazing invention! :)"


Nella Smith & Zara, Melbourne, Victoria

Swiss Shepherd dog walking in snow

"I just wanted to give you an update on Zara and I. We have made wonderful progress, walking is so enjoyable now and she’s even more settled than before. Can never thank you enough for the joy you’ve given me, walking without pulling or stress, every dog owners dream.

I thought after 3 years of struggling and a fortune spent on trainers that it was unattainable, just something available to people who had some magic connections with their dogs. Now I know the secret sauce is just finding you and the Canny Collar.

Thanks again."


Brett Turner & Chile, Black Rock, Victoria

Swiss Shepherd dog walking in snow

"We have been using a size 4 Canny Collar for our White Swiss Shepherd (Chile) who is 45kg for the last few months and what a fantastic experience for us both. It is easy to use, well made and a comfortable fit for Chile who knows that when he sees his Canny Collar come out, that means walkies time.

Well done Canny Company on producing a great product for the very important member of our family."


Lorraine Clarke, Proprietor, A Doggie Daycare & Puppy Creche, Highett, Victoria

Black and white boxer dog with dog trainer

"We were introduced to the Canny Collar by our centre trainer and it has made walking our dogs a pleasure. We have introduced them also to our clients and in particular to those with dogs that were difficult to walk. The owners have given us rave reviews.

We are happy to recommend the Canny Collar to anyone having difficulty in walking their dogs."


Pauline Nicholls, Sandringham, Victoria

"My Lakeland Terrier, Jack, is now 3 years old; for the first two years walking was a nightmare for someone, like myself, who enjoys walking so much. I tried a leather collar, chain collar and a halti collar but the walking did not improve; I was pulled all over the pavement with Jack out in front of me. It is a wonder I did not have a fall!

I was then introduced to the Canny Collar and for the past 12 months I have really enjoyed my walks with Jack. He walks alongside me not out in front and no pulling. It was so easy to train him with the Canny Collar and not once has Jack ever tried to pull the collar off, which is confirmation that the collars are a gentle fit. I thoroughly recommend the Canny Collar to all dog owners whether or not they have trouble walking their dogs."


Sue Carr, Sydney, NSW

Blue Heeler dog sitting

"Thank you so much, what a wonderful product! For the first time ever I was able to take my blue heeler, Charlie, for a lovely walk without him trying to lead (not once, right from the moment I put the Canny Collar on him).

Rest assured I will be recommending this collar to all my friends!"


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